If you sleep for eight hours, that leaves you with 16 hours of waking time. Even the most physically active among us, i.e., those who exercise one or even two hours a day, still have 14 hours to fill, which is a lot of time. Considering that most jobs involve sitting, it is difficult to avoid it altogether.

Work when you walk:

Whenever you’re on the phone, stand up. Try to walk back and forth or in circles while you talk. Use Bluetooth headphones at work so you can walk during calls.

The right chair:

Consider using a chair with a backrest that supports the curve of your lower (lumbar) back. Sit back in the chair and position your thighs horizontal to your knees at hip level. Rest your feet comfortably on the floor or a footrest.

Keep moving:        

Back and neck pain is often attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. Changing positions frequently throughout the day is vital to address this pain. By allowing desk workers to change their work quickly, sit-stand desks have become a workplace favorite. Sit-stand desks will enable you to go from standing to sitting with a lever switch. This simple movement allows your body to move and stretch, a natural inclination that promotes spine health.

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