Did you know that the knee is the body’s most commonly injured joint? Knee injuries are disruptive, affecting your ability to go to work or to maintain your active lifestyle. People of all activity levels can benefit from knowing the following tips to help prevent troublesome knee injuries.


Before you do any physical activity, whether it’s serious athletic training or merely recreation, you should stretch. Focus on your hamstrings, calf muscles, and quadriceps to help loosen up your legs so that you don’t put pressure on your knees and kneecaps when you exercise.

Knee Guards:

One of the simplest ways you can avoid knee injuries is to wear protection, like knee guards, during activities like or rollerblading and biking, where falls happen frequently. You can prevent bad bruises, or even fractures, by just strapping up and protecting yourself. If you’re worried about how they look, you can get a stylish pair and think of them as accessories. If you have kids, you should encourage them to wear knee guards so they can start building good habits.

Right Footwear:

This tip sounds simple because it is. High heels can lead to added stress on your quads and knees. Flats or pumps are better for your knee muscles. You can help your legs maintain the right alignment and balance by wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes. When you exercise, you must wear comfortable shoes. If you run or play sports, try to get a professional fitting from someone at a sporting goods store to match your foot and activity to a good shoe.

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